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Welcome to my online home, I am Haley Moss! I was diagnosed with autism when I was 3 years old. Today, I am an attorney, speaker, author, advocate, and consultant.

I am an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, and while I am not in active practice, I’m committed to making life better for individuals with disabilities through my speaking, writing, and consulting. I am also the author of several books and numerous articles about neurodiversity in the workplace and as a whole. I am a passionate advocate for disability inclusion and neurodiversity and as a consultant, I help make organizations more inclusive and accessible places for people with disabilities. Speaking on these topics allows me to share my personal and professional experiences, bringing legal knowledge and individual perspective across different professions and settings. I am thrilled to share what I know and have learned in my life to everyone I can.

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We all have different brains. We think differently than one another and have unique perspectives and perceptions of the world around us. Neurodiversity might be a relatively new concept for some readers, but everyone interacts every day with people who think differently than themselves.


Different isn’t bad. It’s just different, and that can be extraordinary

I’ve made it my life’s work, to share this lesson my mom taught me since I first learned about the autism spectrum as a kid. Our world is better for our differences; after all, it would be pretty boring if we were all exactly the same! We need to celebrate and accept one another. I’m your person when it comes to talking about neurodiversity, discovering talents, and living your truth.

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“Haley is a wonderful speaker. I enjoyed her message and the fact that she stressed the importance of treating each person as an individual, not just another person with ASD.”

“My client and I have a new outlook on how she can reach her goals!”

“She gently challenged us to think about the world from her perspective.”

“Haley is a delightful presenter with a powerful message. She helped to change some of my paradigms.”

“Haley is phenomenal. She has really changed my thinking on how diversity should be viewed.”

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